Lakeshore Yoga is located in beautiful downtown Oakville.

We focus on helping students simply feel better, both physically and mentally. Our classes are taught primarily in the Iyengar style, a traditional yoga lineage that was developed to address the needs of Western bodies. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced yogi or brand new to the practice, we are here to serve you. Come enjoy the journey with us.


Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, while a variety of props maximize your benefits from the practice. Props allow modifications for newer students to achieve variations of the pose most appropriate for their bodies. Our intermediate classes provide more experienced students the opportunities to dive deeper into the practice with more advanced asanas and full expressions of poses.

Our classes are taught by world-class, experienced, and certified Iyengar teachers who embody yoga and teach with an intimate understanding of the Iyengar yoga and various yoga traditions, whose devotion, lives and teachings are their art.

Zhanna started her career in health and wellness as a pilates instructor in Russia. After trying Iyengar yoga in her local gym, she was hooked. She was drawn to the precision, structure, and alignment that the Iyengar style offers. She quickly realized that yoga is beneficial for both body and mind. Zhanna had her first teacher training in Russia. After moving to Canada, she continued her training at Yoga Centre Toronto. 

She continues to study regularly and had the privilege of studying with the Iyengar Family at RIMYI in Pune. She currently holds a Junior 2 level certification. She is passionate about bringing yoga to people of all abilities and experience levels, and her extensive training allows her to safely do just that. 

She blends her Russian humour with the attention to detail and precise alignment characteristic of the Iyengar style, which maximize the integrity and benefit of each pose. Zhanna will help you find a balance between flexibility and strength, and will make you laugh while doing it, cultivating change in mind and body. Outside the studio, Zhanna loves dancing, fashion, walking by the lake, and classic movies.

Beena is a dedicated student of yoga and travels regularly to India, Pune to study at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. 


During these trips she also studies regularly with renowned Iyengar yoga teacher, Zubin Zarthostimanesh. 


She also holds a teaching certificate from The Yoga Institute in Mumbai where the foundation for study of Yoga sutras of Patanjali was laid for which she is ever grateful. 

Beena is an extremely passionate and dedicated student of yoga and has been teaching Yoga and Yogic philosophy for nearly 20 years. She travels regularly to Pune India, to study at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute.

With her unique style, Beena brings a new perspective and learnings to the studio.

Josie Germano is a registered physiotherapist with 32 years of professional experience, as well as training and practice in pilates and Iyengar yoga for rehabilitation.  She is a student at Lakeshore Yoga Oakville practicing at the intermediate level.  


Josie is also a certified acupuncture practitioner. Josie's approach to physiotherapy emphasizes correction of posture, muscle imbalances, and faulty movement patterns.  These conditions are often sources of pain, may contribute to arthritis, and impede your enjoyment of daily activities including your yoga practice. 

Josie's physiotherapy treatment utilizes pilates and Iyengar yoga principles, and may be coordinated with Zhanna to facilitate your transition and safe return to your yoga practice.  

Physiotherapy assessment and treatment sessions are offered at the studio or in the privacy of your home.  These services may be covered by your insurance plan (extended health benefits or motor vehicle accident insurance).

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