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What Is Ayurveda?

Fondly referred to as “The Mother of Medicine” Ayurveda (EYE yur VAY duh) has been around a very long time–over 5,000 years to be exact. It is a “time-tested,” natural health approach that originated in the Vedic civilization of ancient India, and has been in continuous use ever since.

Ayurveda acknowledges and draws its source of wisdom from the tradition of yogis, rishis or “seers,” whom Ayurvedic texts say cognized or intuited the entire knowledge of Ayurveda in seed form at it’s inception, thousands of
years ago.

How Is Ayurvedic Healing Different?

First let’s briefly consider how health and healing are usually approached today. Conventional medicine looks at the body as a kind of sophisticated machine with a number of systems that operate basically autonomously–the
nervous system, the digestive system, the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, etc. Conventional medicine assigns a different type of doctor for each system.

Our chronic health problems get treated by several doctors, each diagnosing and prescribing medications for our various symptoms, all too often leaving us feeling worse, not better, as drugs interact to create new symptoms, which are treated with even more drugs…in a vicious, downward cycle.

This fragmented approach can be life saving in emergencies, but chronic, non life-threatening problems, our bodies tend to get a lot of treatment, but not a lot of healing.

What Can Ayurveda Do for You?

Ayurveda is sometimes referred to as the “missing manual” for the mind-body system. It gives us a new angle on understanding ourselves that is very comprehensive, simple, natural and powerful–and easily translated into a highly personalized approach to our health.

Despite its foreign-sounding name, Ayurveda is as simply intuitive as knowing your own self. Most people quickly find that the concepts and guidelines of Ayurveda “make sense” and that Ayurveda starts to explain their symptoms and tendencies–how and why certain foods, habits, stressors, personalities, environments, seasons and weather make them feel either better or worse.

What is Ayurveda About?

Ayurveda is about YOU and your health! Literally meaning “Knowledge of Health,” Ayurveda drills down to the origins of our mind-body functioning the “software program” that governs all our physiological functions and lies beyond the physical material of the body. Ayurveda
describes that the software program runs via three doshas (DOE-shuz)–oraspects of the body’s intelligence–that are charged with keeping everything in the body integrated and functioning healthily.

How Does Ayurvedic Healing Work?

Rather than look at the body as a collection of systems and treating each one separately, Ayurveda looks at what is common to all of the systems, and identifies three basic functions common to every system, organ, tissue and
cell. And these three basic functions are those that are essential for life at any level:

1. Movement and flow 

2. Digestion and metabolism 

3. Physical structure and substance.

Each of these three functions of movement, metabolism, and structure are governed by an inner program–or intelligence–that guides their normal functioning.


These three “body-guides”–traditionally called or vata (VAH-tuh), pitta (PIH-tuh), and kapha (KAH-fuh)–are not only the functions
themselves and their activity, but also the inner intelligence or “software program” of the body that guides them.

​Ayurvedic Private Consultation

1 Hour Consultation Including:

  • Brief History & Constitutional Assessment

  • Daily Ayurvedic Regimen & Seasonal Routine

  • Herbal Preparation, Home Remedies & Lifestyle Management


Available Times: 

Every Wednesday: 3pm - 6pm

Studio Charge:  $80 + Tax ($90.40)

Seema Bhatia
Ayurveda Practitioner Guest at Lakeshore Yoga

Seema Bhatia is passionate about helping people achieve their highest potential in health and wellness. She is a Doctorate in Natural Medicine specializing in Ayurveda. Having worked internationally as a Psychologist for over two decades she has a deep understanding of the human mind and body. She has worked extensively  to create awareness in the area of psychological health and wellness in Government, Non-Government organizations, Multinational Corporations and Educational Institutions.


As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, she employs the ancient and time tested techniques of Ayurveda to identify the unique constitution of the person and the root cause of the imbalance. The therapies used as intervention for health and rejuvenation include a mindful transformation of diet and lifestyle along with plant based medicinal herbs. She firmly believes that health can only be achieved with an integrated approach that assimilates mind, body and soul as a whole. Having achieved miraculous results with her approach, Seema Bhatia integrates Ayurveda with psychological counseling and hypnotherapy to provide a wholesome approach towards a healed and healthy life.


Seema Bhatia (DNM) completed her BA (Hons) and Masters in Psychology at the University of Delhi, India. She is a certified Occupational Tester from The British Psychological Society (BPS) and trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII). She transitioned into Ayurveda  and completed comprehensive 1500-hour program at Center of Ayurveda and Indian System of Healing (CAISH) and is a certified Advanced Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor (AAWC). She received her Doctorate in Natural Medicine based on her multiple years of clinical experience in the field of Psychology.

Ayurveda and Yoga together provide for the ultimate foundation for healing and attaining true inner happiness.
Ayurvedic  Consultation
1 hr