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In this workshop we will explore deeper practice through a variety of asanas (poses) with help of the props.


With this aid you will experience how to open the joints, lengthen the spine and strengthen the core of your body. 


A balance of strength and flexibility is key in eliminating the chronic tightness of neck and shoulders.


This will create ease in weight bearing yoga poses, improve your posture, eliminate chronic neck and shoulder pain and be of great assistance in carrying out daily activities.

Workshop Poses

The workshop will introduce about 15 poses focused on your shoulders. Here are some of the poses we will practice.

Preparation for Pincha Mayurasana 

Peacock Pose

This simple alternative is a great preparation for the classic pose, create traction through your shoulder region. This may be especially beneficial for anyone recovering from a shoulder injury.

Pincha Mayurasana 

Peacock Pose

Pincha is renowned for its capabilities of strengthening the shoulders and upper back muscles. You can feel the work happening even as you hold the posture! With the correct alignment and guidance the upper back can become a place of grounded strength and support.


Upward Plank Pose

This pose simultaneously strengthens and stretches your shoulders. It strengthens the arms.


Side Plank Pose

The full version of Vasisthasana, as taught by BKS Iyengar, with the top leg raised perpendicular to the floor, is beyond the capacity of most beginners. 

Benefits of this pose : Strengthen the arms, belly, and legs, stretches and strengthen the wrists and prepared for more challenging arm balancing poses.

This workshop will explore a full range of Iyengar yoga poses that can help to improve the overall health of your shoulders. The above list of poses is not an exhaustive list of poses. Rather, there has been a focus on gathering together poses that are accessible to all students and can be easily practiced.  The sequence you will learn in the workshop will develop your shoulders in all directions of their potential movement. If practiced regularly you will start to experience greater flexibility, strength and stability in your shoulder joints.

November 18, 2018

Sunday 9-30-11:30

Led by:  Zhanna Zeleke

Thank you for everyone who participated!