Why I Love Yoga

Dear student, I want to share with you why I love yoga.

My story began in 2005 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

At that time, I was a Pilates teacher. I decided to try yoga. I was very lucky my first class was the in Iyengar yoga tradition.

After the class, I was surprised how after an one hour class I felt a change in my body. I felt lightness and at the same time my body had a good workout. Most importantly, I had a feeling of internal balance and calm.

After almost 13 years of practicing yoga, I have the same feelings. At first, yoga was helpful to get a good physical workout and to keep fit. A few years ago, yoga managed to help me cope with heavy stress. I discovered a special program for myself to feel better mentally. I needed to stand on my mat and do yoga. After practicing yoga, anxiety disappeared. Sometimes it did not go away, completely but I felt better. When I have anxiety, I need to do backbends to open my chest and my heart. When I do handstand, it gives me a happy feeling and take the anxiety away. I feel like a happy kid. Handstand and Downward dog help to calm my nervous system. Some days I get anxiety, but I know how to help myself through yoga.

Please read this beautiful article.

You will understand more about the Therapeutic Healing in Iyengar Yoga.


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