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Josie Germano - October 2019

Olga Taratuta - October 2019

Jay Patel - October 2019

Chetna Taneja - October 2019

Tracey Martini - October 2019

Jason Blane - October 2019

Melissa Gray - October 2019

"I've practiced a variety of yoga styles for years, but Iyengar has by far been the most beneficial. It's a beautiful discipline that focuses on alignment, quiets your mind and brings you to your now. I practiced throughout my pregnancy with my son, and it made all the difference. I felt strong, centered, and in control of my body. Zhanna is an absolute gift to whomever she works with. I've never had an instructor approach every person in her class with so much care & dedication.

She is Oakville's best kept secret whom everyone should get to know!

Roxane Pekelharing 

October 10, 2018

"I have been practicing Iyengar Yoga for over 12 years. It has proven to be an essential part of my mental and physical well-being. Zhanna has the incredible ability to understand precisely what I need to feel better-whether that may be a challenging class to quieten the nervous system or a restorative one to help the body heal on its own!"


Raquel Motto-Ros 

October 8, 2018

"Zhanna is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled yoga instructor. I met her when I recently had a car accident and had whiplash but wasn't willing to give up on my yoga practice. She taught me how to perfect my yoga foundations so I could heal and still be active. I used to see a physiotherapist regularly  for back pain and Zhanna's continued guidance has allowed me to practice yoga pain free. She is passionate about her yoga and helping her students improve their health and yoga practice.

If you are new or experienced at yoga but have never tried Iyengar I highly recommend you try it soon and with Zhanna!

Tracey Martini 

October 10, 2018

"It’s a blessing to practice Iyengar yoga under Zhanna’s expert guidance. She is an amazing teacher, a true master of her craft!  She inspires & motivates each student to focus on alignment and feel the intensity of every asana. 


Her passion, dedication & years of teaching experience makes Lakeshore yoga the best yoga studio in town!"  


Chetna Taneja

October 10, 2018 

"Since trying one of Zhanna’s classes almost 2 years ago, I am a regular at her classes, and even managed to get my husband to join the class. Iyengar yoga works for people of all ages, all fitness levels and all physical conditions - injured, pregnant... Zhanna is an incredible teacher, and the small class sizes allow her to personalize classes and positions for students.

Zhanna has an impressive background and experience with Iyengar yoga, and a special charismatic quality which makes her a much loved teacher.

Ann Cordeiro 

October 11 2018 

"Zhanna is an attentive, detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable instructor. She is very committed to making sure that each pose maximizes the benefits for the participants. She also makes it fun, while being honest about what needs to be improved and still ensuring that you get the most from the class. Last year, I started attending one of her Basic Iyengar classes and I informed her of a nagging shoulder injury that was restricting my movements and causing pain for me most of the time. She was so vigilant about giving me modifications for my shoulder, showing me what to do at home to help with the healing, and encouraging me to keep at it. Today, I have virtually no pain in my shoulder and have most of my mobility back.


I am so grateful to have found such a fantastic yoga instructor!"

Leslie Hickey

October 5, 2018

"I want to thank you for introducing me to Iyengar yoga. I thoroughly
enjoy the focus on correct alignment, and effective cuing for activation
of specific muscle groups and correct movement patterning to achieve
each pose.

Your attention to detail, and eye for perfection are remarkable - I'm so
impressed with how you are able to make minimal corrections for each
student as needed to enable us to work toward the desired result. This
approach ensures a safe, challenging, and therapeutic practice. These
are important criteria for any physical activity. As a physiotherapist,
I will be recommending Iyengar yoga (and your studio specifically) to my

And your sense of humor is also much appreciated!"


Josie Germano
October 15, 2018

"I've been a student of Zhanna's for 7 years and found her teaching style as thoughtful, professional and individual for every student. A couple of years ago I seriously injured my knee; practicing Iyengar Yoga, which can be adjusted for your needs and abilities, helped me recover from the injury. With her guidance, perseverance and passion for yoga, she helped me with a speedy recovery."

Lana Radkin 

October 9, 2018