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Master the basics of Shoulder Stand
and include this beautiful pose into your practice with confidence.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand) is a yoga pose where the whole body is balanced on the shoulders.


This asana is highly beneficial in maintaining  mental and physical health and is also referred as ‘Queen of asanas’.


It helps to cultivate flexibility in chest, nourishes the neck and strengthens the shoulders, core and legs. 

In this workshop we will introduce around 15 asanas focused on your shoulders to prepare the body for Shoulder stand

October 27, 2019

Sunday 9:00-11:00

Led by:   Zhanna Zeleke 

10 Available Spots

$56.50 ( Tax Included )

Pre-Registration Only

The focus of the this workshop will be on how to get into shoulder stand safely and comfortably, and then hold it for a longer period of time in a safe and effective way. The workshop will be open for all levels. Students will be given personal attention and specific modifications based on the needs of their bodies.

The class will also entail more detailed breakdown of shoulder stand and preparation in an attempt to help students build a deeper relationship with the postures, their bodies and self-awareness. You will walk away feeling empowered and geared to check alignment and maintain good posture as you go about your daily routine.

 Introduction to Pranayama 

Pranayama is the practice of ancient breathing techniques in which prana is harnesses and tamed first to make it slow, subtle, rhythmic, and deep and then deeper and subtler practices are taught. 

Prana is not just breath, Prana is the life-force, and bio-energy permeating the universe at all levels. It is cosmic energy. Breath is only the manifestation of prana. Ayama is extension, expansion, length, breadth and regularisation of this prana. 

These practices of conscious, systematic breath control enhances the flow of energy in the body giving more mental clarity, deeper self-understanding that is conductive for meditation.


When the prana level is high and its flow is continuous, smooth and steady, then the mind is calm, positive and enthusiastic. 

It creates a state of balance and health within the entire system. It removes stress from deeper layers of our being, calms and strengths the nervous system and mind becomes fresh, focussed and strong to handle the everyday and long term challenges of life. 

 In this workshop you will learn the following: 

  • How to prepare body and mind so they become receptive to absorb cosmic energy 

  • Learn and practice basic pranayama techniques to access and awaken energy system 

  • Recognise the connection between breath and mental state 

  • Principles of Pranayama 

  • Stages of pranayama 

  • Understand the yogic philosophy behind pranayama 

  • How to make pranayama your daily routine for a healthier and happy life. 

The above workshop will be taught by Beena Parekh who has been teaching Yoga and Yogic philosophy for nearly 20 years. She holds an Intermediate Junior 2 certificate In Iyengar Yoga.


Beena is a dedicated student of yoga and travels regularly to India, Pune to study at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. During these trips she also studies regularly with renowned Iyengar yoga teacher, Zubin Zarthostimanesh. She also holds a teaching certificate from The Yoga Institute in Mumbai where the foundation for study of Yoga sutras of Patanjali was laid for which she is ever grateful. 

June 23, 2019

Sunday 11:30-1:30

The Daily Ayurvedic Regimen/Routine - Dincharya

The ancient practice of Ayurveda recommends establishing a daily routine to promote good health and well-being.

Within the body we have a basic natural rhythm that governs our natural urges. Artificial rhythms created by our society and our own desires to overindulge have brought imbalance in our body. Disease originates when the heart, mind or body loses its connection with the natural intelligence.


Dinacharya steps in to facilitate the process of our unique balance to re-emerge.


June 2, 2019

Sunday 11:30-1:30

Guest Speaker:  Seema Bhatia

15 Available Spots

At any age, balance, agility, speed, coordination, and power

are vital for daily living.


When you fall, whether it's falling out of a pose on your mat or in daily life, quick reaction time is your key to preventing injury. You want your body to have the capacity for speed, allowing you to respond rapidly enough to catch yourself mid-fall or grab a child out of harm’s way, for example.

While falling can certainly have more severe consequences later in life, at any age and activity level, the motor fitness components of balance, agility, speed, coordination, and power are vital for functional daily living and optimal for athletic performance.

Spring is around and the nature is detoxing - So should we. 

Join our next Upcoming workshop!

We were all born with a unique constitution. Time we understood what’s ours.  

Learn about self detox as a spring clean our system using Ayurvedic principles.

Know the right diet and lifestyle for Spring.

Take back- Recipes of a detox tea and a healthy snack.

Intro to Ayurveda & how to create Health in your life


Ayurvedic medicine evolved in India about 5000 years ago, and is considered to be the world's oldest healthcare system. It is named for the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, meaning the "science of life."


Ayurvedic medicine is entirely holistic. Its adherents strive to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, maintaining that this balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life. 


Ayurveda views each person as unique with individual needs. We may all be human but we have slightly different physiologies and emotional tendencies. Ayurveda teaches that for this reason, each person's path toward optimal health is also unique. 

In this workshop you will learn : 

  • What is Ayurveda  

  • What are the principle roles of Ayurveda 

  • What is health

  • What are the 3 fundamental causes of disease

  • The primordial cause of disease

  • What dose Prakruti mean 

  • What does Vikruti mean

  • Ayurveda Spring practices to support your heath


May 5, 2019

Sunday 11:30-1:30

15 Available Workshop Spots

Guest Speaker: 

Ayurveda practitioner Seema Bhatia

Studio cost: $10 + Tax




April 7, 2019



March 10, 2019

Backbends and Inversions are the most powerful yoga poses for physical and mental well-being.


This workshop explores the benefits of backbends and Inversions with attention to preparatory poses, entering, and staying in these postures. ( poses as : Bhekasana, Dhanurasana, Parsva Dhanurasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Pincha Mayurasana , Adho Mukha Vrksasana  and Sirsasana more ) 


March 10, 2019

Sunday 11:30-1:30

Led by:  Zhanna Zeleke

Empower yourself by learning how to backbend and invert with confidence.

This workshop is for students with at least 6 months of yoga study to explore with a sense of play and safety.

January 20, 2019

With Karen, Susanne, Melissa, Tracey, Claire, Ann, Mario, Leslie, Eva, Incarnation and Jason

Feeling drained? Pushing yourself to get through the day?
Enjoy deeply nourishing restorative poses to rest the body,
soothe the nervous system and release deeply held tension

This workshop will explain what Restorative Practice is and why this practice is beneficial to our bodies, minds, and lives. The workshop will introduce a number of postures that students can do at home.
Students will: learn to become comfortable with multiple props; get familiar with how to set up each pose; learn options for using furniture and blankets at home to set up their poses; and learn to feel signs of discomfort in their own body and what to do to make themselves comfortable.


January 20, 2019
Sunday 9-30-11:30

Led by:  Zhanna Zeleke



November 18, 2018

With Ann, Fran, Jason, Meliisa, Gary, Chetna, Mario, Tracey, and Laslie

 In this workshop we explored deeper practice through a variety of asanas (poses) with help of the props.
With this aid we experienced how to open the joints, lengthen the spine and strengthen the core of our body. 

A balance of strength and flexibility is key in eliminating the chronic tightness of neck and shoulders.

This will create ease in weight bearing yoga poses, improve your posture, eliminate chronic neck and shoulder pain and be of great assistance in carrying out daily activities. 

November 18, 2018

Sunday 9-30-11:30

Led by:  Zhanna Zeleke